Keynote Speech (Mittwoch Abend):
Michael Gleich: Peace we can

As diverse as violent conflicts may appear at first sight, as similar are their deep rooted causes. This is also a good news: The ways of conflict resolution developed by courageous and charismatic peacebuilders from civil society can also be similar. As a reporter, Michael Gleich visited many of them in crisis regions and documented their methods and strategies, their frustrations and successes. Obviously these eminent personalities have access to resilience and inner strength. This enables them not to resign in the face of gigantic challenges and threatening situations. He asked them again and again: How is peace actually possible? He feels blessed to have got answers from social inventors and hidden heroes.

 keynote Michael Gleich

is a publicist, presenter and the director of the Culture Counts Foundation. He has been reporting from the world’s crisis regions and war-torn areas for 30 years now. In the process he has come to know the invaluable work done by peacebuilders from civil society, and this has led to the idea of a self-organized media and education project called Peace Counts. His latest initiative is to bring together outstanding individuals and organisations in the first Global Peacebuilder Summit, in order to provide a „safe space“ for them, to support their commitment and mutual learning.